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Senest opdateret 20. januar

Alex Rider, Skeletin key, book 3

Af Anthony Horowitz

fra 2002 på forlaget Walker books

ISBN: 978-1-84428-094-0

Kategorier: Ungdom, Romaner, Krimi/spænding, Engelsk, Børn & forældre, Børnebøger, Bogvæsen

pris: 75 kr – stand: ★★★★★★

paperback, The book, Skeleton Key, opens with, Marc, Carlo and an unnamed pilot, flying to meet with General Alexei Sarov in Cayo Esqueleto (Spanish for "Skeleton Key"), a fictional island just off Cuba to exchange a kilogram of uranium for money the general has promised them. Due to a supply problem, the price had risen by $500,000. Sarov pays the men the agreed upon price, and agrees to have the rest wired to the Salesman, from whom he purchased the uranium. The two warn him they will alert the American Intelligence if the extra money isn't received in three days. Assuming this to be a threat, Sarov turns the runway lights off when the two leave, then turns on a second et of lights that lead into the mangroves, which causes the plane to enter the swamplands, trapping it. Sarov watches as the three men are devoured by the inhabiting crocodiles. He then loads the uranium in the Jeep he comes in and leaves.

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