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Billede af bogen Badmen of the West

Senest opdateret 27. februar

Badmen of the West

Af Robert Elman

fra 1983 på forlaget Book Sales

Kategorier: Amerika/USA, Folklore

pris: 50 kr – stand: ★★★★★★

Vægt: 1200 gram

Hardback med smudsomslag. 256 sider Chronicles in words and pictures the lives, exploits, and escapades of western outlaws from the late seventeenth century through the last half of the nineteenth century, and from the Mississippi to the Yukon Profusely illustrated with mainly B & W photographs and Illustrations.There are quite a few color illustrations which are double,full and part page and some are of artwork by some very famous Old West Artists.There has been a lot of research go into this excellent book which is really a reference, detailing all the well known and even many of the lesser known 250 or so Badmen (and Badwomen) of the Old West. The book consists of 12 Chapters; 1 Legend and Reality 2 America's First Badmen 3 Western Expansion 4 Wild Towns and Vigilantes 5 Lawlerss Lawmen 6 Gunfights and Feuds 7 The Range Wars 8 The Fort Smith Gallows 9 Some Bad Women 10 Border Clashes 11 A Rogue's Gallery 12 The Last Wild Frontiers The text is excellent and any fan of the history,events and characters of the Old West will certainly learn a lot of new and accurate information of the Old West as well as enjoying the many photographs and illustrations,many which they will have never been seen. All the illustrations are accompanied with excellent captions. This will be a book that anyone who reads Old West history ,be it fiction,legend or fact will want to keep on their bookshelf as a ready reference to characters,be they the the famous or lesser known. The end comes with a detailed Index.

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